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Digital Castings

Shoot, Post, Preview! Photograph the talent, post the images and the talent is available for your clients approval instantaneously.

Castings are done over the internet with simple tools that make the selection process quick and easy. And of course this is done from anywhere in the world.

An integral part of the PreProductionTools suite are digital castings. Essentially our casting software modernizes the traditional "polaroid model".

In doing so it has many benefits, it avoids the cost of film and couriers and negates the need to send a photographer ahead of time to do a casting. Clients can see who is being cast in real time, and start the decision making process immediately, without leaving their desk.

The casting software is a casting-company business-model in and of itself (we know we created it to serve our casting needs), it not only allows you to webify your castings but also save all the information for later jobs.

Some features include:


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