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Digital Castings continued..

Upload files and assign the to models quickly and easilyThe casting system that is included in PreProductionTools is a complete casting solution. We have tried and tested the system during our own castings on many occasions. The system brings with it many new and beneficial features that may not be immediately obvious.

It's not only us (and hopefully you) that benefit from casting with the PreProductionTools suite, models and agencies also benefit. Models love to come to our castings because they don't have to fill out a form every time we're casting. On their initial visit they complete the model-sign-in form (either at home or at the casting) then on future castings they simply check their information is up-to-date . This saves them time and avoids the repetitive task of form filling.

Agents also benefit because with a database of talent you can search you system for the perfect person without bothering the agent for comp cards. Essentially doing a casting without having to bother the agents. They just get called with a booking!

Our Castings From the Clients Perspective

Clients Casting Home PageTo say that you can offer digital castings with our software may seem like a small thing bearing in mind that there are a lot of companies that do their castings digitally. The difference between our system and that of others is that everything within PreProductionTools is data based.

Instead of a simple PhotoShop® web gallery, our system gives your clients an interactive list of talent categorized according to their shot-list. In a single easy to understand and simple to navigate web-page that gives them the ability to make a "light box" or "contact sheet" of models that suit their needs the most.


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