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PreProductionTools was created by Steve Boxall in 2004 to create a system that brings together all aspects of the pre-production process.While working on photographic productions of all shapes and sizes and drawing on a programmatic background, the idea if a single point of reference for everybody on a shoot evolved.

Firstly he created DB Casting, the first data based online casting system. Soon after that came Digital Scout, an online locations database, used already by renowned Miami production company Select Services.

The natural progression there after was a system that combined the two and included all the other pieces of the pre-production puzzle. Thus PreProductionTools.com was born, which has already been used by clients such as Target and Proctor & Gamble.

What other people say about our work...

"Kudos to all y'all for the Super-cool web site that you've all work very hard in producing. You guys should win an award!"
Kind regards and thanks!
Al Toman

Our offices are in the MidBlock Building at Midtown:

3250 NE 1st Avenue, Unit 307
Miami, FL 33137

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