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Production Suite: Includes full preproduction suite of tools.

Locations Scout: Locations Database, and location management tools.

Digital Castings: Digital casting software, model database, automated castings.

Every option comes with your company branding and first year of hosting.

View Demo Watch how you can create a shoot call-sheet in less than 20 minutes. We show you how you can input clients, crew & hotel information plus layouts and production notes even a casting and a location portfolio into a call-sheet in less time than it takes to make a cup of tea.

System Features

  • Searchable Model/Talent database
  • Automated online castings
  • Searchable Location library
  • Online job management
  • Crew and hotel database
  • Layout administration
  • Layouts
  • Member/Client area
  • Six secure levels of access
  • Model Sign-in page
  • FTP drop box

Compatible all the major browsers:

Firefox Internet Explorer Safari Netscape

On the following operating systems:

Apple Mac OSX Apple Max OS MicroSoft Windows Linux

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The PreProductionTools software demomstration

PreProductionTools is the best way to manage the pre-production needs of your photographic shoots. Provide real-time online information to clients and crew members, create detailed call-sheets, and automate routine production tasks — all without leaving your desk. Featuring digital castings, model search, and a location library, PreProductionTools makes your job easier than ever.

PreProductionTools, the new imaginative pre-production web-application from Image Box has more than 50 features that automate the decision making process prior to shoot day. PreProductionTools has a wide array of high performance features, including fast automated castings from refined model searches; location portfolios built from keyword searches, FTP drop box for easy intuitive file transfers; model sign in page gets around the repetitive task of signing-in models during castings and a centralized database that organizes all your client, crew and hotel information for easy access on future jobs.

Screen Shot Share and share alike
Every member with one of six levels of access can view castings and make decisions on talent and locations. The process of finding the perfect model and a unique location can be shared evenly. Sharing the decision making process makes everyone's job easier and PreProductionTools spreads the workload evenly and effectively.


  • Restricted access - Members only web site with 5 levels of access. Guests, Clients, Power Users, Administrators and System Administrators.
  • Share information - Collect and distribute your information, don't give it away. Member access controls who sees what and saves your valuable data from being seen by the wrong eyes.


  • Create Jobs for each project - Each shoot you do has its own special requirements and a shot-list. Create castings and selects (see below) to quickly find the best person for the shot.
  • Member Light boxes - Create “Light boxes” or “Contact Sheets” of preferred choices by clicking on thumbnails of model images.
  • Final Selects - Mark the models that you are interested in as a "select".
  • Image Editing - Edit images on the fly with your browser - Rotate, crop, & insert a caption & description for all images.
  • Image Upload - Upload images through your browser from anywhere or with your ftp client.

Other Features

  • Customizable Design - Your branding is added to the system so that the system integrates seamlessly with your existing web site.
  • Support - Free email based technical support with a focus on prompt, personal consideration. All requests submitted on weekdays M-F are typically answered within 24-48 hrs. Other support packages available.
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